PAUL EDWARDS | Chief Executive Officer

Following an international executive career with Eli Lilly, Paul Edwards has spent the last 15 years applying technology to address problems in a wide range of industries from healthcare to financial services. Prior to EstateWorks, he was CEO of Plectix BioSystems, Coalesix and Icosystem Corporation. Originally from the United Kingdom, he earned his bachelors degree in mathematics from Imperial College, London and his MBA from INSEAD in Fontainebleau, France. Paul is actively involved in running and advising several privately-held companies focussed on decision-support technology and SaaS. In addition to his commercial activities he has also been actively involved with local amateur sports teams, including coaching Girls' Rugby.

ERIC HEDMAN | Chief Technology Officer

Responsible for managing the technical infrastructure/operations at EstateWorks, Eric Hedman has 20 years experience in technical leadership roles with early stage companies spanning internet music, network security, and mobile technologies with emphasis on secure, scalable, hosted consumer facing applications. Prior to EstateWorks, he led the development of products and services at Mobot Inc, a mobile startup developing image recognition applications for mobile smartphones, and previously was founder and CTO of RadioAMP, which created one of the first interactive audio "jukeboxes" on the web. Eric's earlier career included technical and leadership positions at Raptor Systems Inc, Vicorp Technologies and Bell Laboratories. He holds an MBA, a Masters of Engineering, and a Bachelor of Science degree from Cornell University.